The Farm Energy Company is a privately-owned renewable energy company specialising in developing and operating large scale, private wire and offsite projects for significant energy users.

The Farm Energy Company was founded in 2011 with a vision to develop sustainable renewable energy projects. With our roots as farmers, long term sustainability is at the core of our day to day decision making. We have developed a portfolio of wind, solar and biogas projects across the UK for a range of public and private clients totalling ca. 500MW of renewables.

In a subsidy free environment, we are dedicated to supporting the transition to a more sustainable energy market. We are currently working with a range of global corporate partners to provide green energy, and increased energy security via private wire and sleeved agreements, at lower costs to their existing grid supply.

We work closely with a range of specialist partners to deliver these sustainable energy projects.


the right technology in the
right place

Suitably located and sensitively designed

Increasing energy quality and energy security

Utilising local labour and businesses 
wherever possible

Giving long term benefit to local businesses and communities

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