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direct supply

green energy

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The Farm Energy Company can provide part or all of your energy requirements through a private wire power purchase agreement using the latest renewable technologies. There is no capital cost to your business.

The renewable technology can be either installed on your site if suitable or through us renting suitable land nearby. We will consider wind power, solar power (roof or ground mounted) or a mixture of technologies, potentially including battery storage, all designed to give the most economical model for your business.

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An index linked energy
price for 20 years


at competitive prices
(cost savings)


from a green
energy source


providing increased
energy security


and an improved
environmental image
and footprint



We have a proven track record of financing, developing, owning and operating large-scale renewable projects and directly supplying commercial businesses with renewable energy.


the right technology in the
right place

Suitably located and sensitively designed

Increasing energy quality and energy security

Utilising local  labour and businesses 
wherever possible

Giving long term benefit to the local businesses and communities