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How It Works

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Private Wire PPA

The Farm Energy Company can provide part of, or all of, a business' energy requirements through a combination of private wire and offsite renewable generation delivered via a power purchase agreement.

There is no capital cost to your business.

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How it Works

Finding a Solution for You

The renewable technology can be either installed on your site or through the Farm Energy Company renting suitable land nearby.

We will consider wind power, solar power or a mixture of technologies, potentially including battery storage, all designed to give the most economical model for your business.

Shades of Green

Renewable Energy Generation

Power Purchase Agreements have become more widely adopted following the removal of subsides in the UK and from corporates who have committed to reducing their carbon emissions. However, not all renewable PPA's are the same.

Farm Energy Company's Solutions

Private Wire

Private wire, or behind-the-meter, offers the chance to create a new renewable generation facility on, or adjacent to, the consumer's site, which in our opinion provides the "darkest green" solution. Whereas purchasing power or emissions certificates, from an existing renewable facility, is a "light green" solution e.g. no additional renewable capacity is being generated.

Sleeving / Virtual PPAs

At the Farm Energy Company, we are trying to provide the "darkest green solution" that achieves our clients' goals – and in general, this will involve a combination of private wire and sleeving / virtual PPA structures.

The Farm Energy Company

Private Wire

  • Direct use of newly installed renewable facility
  • Visual Impact, and measurable reduction in carbon emissions
  • Largest cost saving potential as grid imports are reduced – private wire power is usually the cheapest
  • Limited by available resource adjacent to facilities as well as export grid capacity constraints

Sleeved power from new renewable facility

  • Bespoke, newly installed offsite facility or surplus generation from newly installed private wire generation
  • Indirect reduction in carbon emissions
  • Grid imports are not reduced so cost reduction potential is smaller, but efficiency gains through tapping larger generating facilities.

Virtual PPA with new renewable facility

  • Indirect reduction in carbon emissions via newly constructed and dedicated facility
  • Indirect reduction in carbon emissions via newly constructed and dedicated facility
  • Easier to implement across grid networks

PPA or emisions certificates with existing renewable facility

  • Large pool of choice, no additional renewable impact
  • Small costs, but no cost savings relative to baseline
  • No actual carbon reductions from facilities

Key Benefits

Why Choose Us


An index linked energy price for 20 years


Competitive prices (cost savings)


Providing increased energy security


10 years development experience in solar, wind and biogas

Development Process

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Call or email to provide details and initial interest

Engineers walking towards wind turbine


Surveys performed, including grid, planning and feasibility assessment

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Commercial arrangements agreed, planning consents gained & grid offer received

Wind Turbine Construction


Project construction

Wind Turbine Construction


Project is operated and managed by Farm Energy Company

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