Our team has a background in farming and land management and understands the basis of a successful partnership between farmers, landowners and renewable energy developers.

There are many potential benefits to leasing land for solar or wind projects:

All Costs Covered

All development costs are covered and we will cover reasonable third-party costs (e.g. solicitors fees).

Up Front Payments

Upon signing of an option for lease, we will pay an option fee.

Alternative Fixed Income

With the removal of fixed area support payments in the UK, long-term, inflation-linked income for the duration of the fixed term lease (25 – 40 years) provides income diversification.

Dual Land Use

Wind turbines have a small footprint with most of the land still available for farming, while the land around and beneath the solar panels can be used for grazing sheep and biodiversity management.

Biodiversity Enhancement

Seeding the areas around the panels with appropriate grass mixes and wildflowers provides a habitat for bees and other pollinators, and enhances the condition of the topsoil, improving its organic matter.