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right place

Suitably located and sensitively designed

Increasing energy quality and energy security

Utilising local labour and businesses 
wherever possible

Giving long term benefit to local businesses and communities

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Nigel is an East Kent farmer growing combinable crops as well as being involved in a portfolio of off farm businesses. He has a pedigree in business development and thrives on making and growing opportunities-he uses these skills to steer and grow The Farm Energy Company.


Nigel believes that renewable energy has an exciting future and will continue to grow in a post subsidy era. Direct supply agreements with significant consumers is a strongly sustainable model as it provides competitively priced renewable electricity often at discount to grid prices.

Nigel Snape

Paul specialises in developing and managing renewable energy projects and has been responsible for facilitating and implementing the companies portfolio of wind, solar and biogas projects, taking them from conception to reality. In his renewable journey Paul has also been involved in successful site acquisition, sale and due diligence. He has also been involved in a number of projects outside of the UK including island microgrids. 


Pauls strengths lay in ‘making things happen’, problem solving, building strong partnerships and getting results.

Paul Holmes-Ling

Jim is a qualified Chartered Surveyor, landowner and farmer from Kent. He was a pioneer in the renewable sector building one of the Countries first 5MW solar parks on his land in 2011. Since then he has secured planning consent for and built out over 350MW of solar. His business and financing skills have enabled the Farm Energy Company to grow, expand and thrive across the wind, solar and biogas markets. Recently Jim has expanded and converted his two on farm Biogas plants to produce ‘green’ gas directly into grid. He is particularly proud that all products of these plants are sold and used, including the digestate as fertiliser, the hot water as commercial heat and the CO2 recovered and used within the drinks industry.


Jim believes the USP of The Farm Energy Company is the breadth of expertise and pragmatic approach that we can bring to the sector along with a proven track record of finance and delivery.

Jim Pace

Jens is a former utility investment banker who now owns and runs advisory practise Ikarus Capital, which is based in London and specialised in renewable energy.

Originally from a North German farming background, Jens has 25 year experience in advising and structuring finance for the European utility industry, focussing on renewables and clean power for the last 15 years. 

Jens is enthusiastic to be part of the ongoing transformation of the energy industry and sees his role at Farm Energy as helping the company to facilitate access to the right sources of financing and the most appropriate risk sharing solutions.

Jens Rosebrock