In partnership with ibvogt solar, we have invested in and developed over 700MW of field scale solar across the UK. We have been involved in all aspects of development taking sites from concept to reality. Our completed sites range from 5MW to 45MW.


We are continuing to invest and develop solar projects and are focused on:


  • Projects where we can directly supply green energy to commercial businesses via a private wire PPA arrangement.

  • Sites with potential for large scale solar farms where power can be sleeved via a long term power purchase agreements.

  • Parts of the world where reliance is on expensive diesel generation.


9.5 MW Solar Farm, Pashley, East Sussex

Commissioned February 2015


14.96 MW Solar Farm, Herne Bay, Kent

Commissioned March 2015


the right technology in the
right place

Suitably located and sensitively designed

Increasing energy quality and energy security

Utilising local labour and businesses 
wherever possible

Giving long term benefit to local businesses and communities

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