We have developed, built, operated, and re-powered wind projects across the UK, taking all sites from concept to reality.

We are continuing to develop new projects both at home and abroad including investing in project development in other parts of Europe, North America and the Caribbean region.

We are focused on:

  • Projects where we can directly supply green energy to commercial businesses via a private wire PPA arrangement.

  • Sites with potential for large scale wind farms where power can be sleeved via a long term power purchase agreement.

  • Parts of the world where reliance is on expensive diesel generation.


AG Barr 500 kW EWT, North Lanarkshire

Commissioned November 2015

This project is owned, financed and managed by the Farm Energy Company. We have a direct power purchase agreement with the factory (one of the UK’s biggest soft drink manufacturers) who take all of the energy we can produce. This project is a great example of how businesses can work together to achieve a fantastic ‘green project’ that benefits all parties.

AG Barr
AG Barr
Bavington Mount
Bavington Mount


Bavington Mount 500kW
Turbine, Northumberland

Commissioned December 2014

FEP gained planning consent for a 500 kW EWT wind turbine in December 2013. The project was completed in December 2014. As with all projects of this type a number of issues were overcome during the process including; dealing with the MOD on radar issues, negotiating with the local authority highways department regarding some ‘tricky’ access issues and working with the planning officer to overcome perceived landscape impacts.